Instagram had never explained how its algorithm works.Western Sahara B2B ListHowever and considering how complex the social. Network environment has become the social network recently. Released the rules on which its algorithm works. During 2016 instagram changed the way users see updates and. Posts from their contacts. From that moment the social network decided to abandon th.E chronological order to display the information based on an. Algorithm that automatically defines the order in which. The different photographs appear on the main page of each user. According to the application itself. This change offers subscribers the ideal environment. To see more of what is truly relevant to their interests.

This Information Is Not Only Vital for Users but Also

According to figures from the platform itself.  Western Sahara B2B List  With the previous ordering method. Users missed 70 percent of the total publications and 50 percent of those of their friends instead. With the adoption of the algorithm. Audiences are expected to access the 90 percent of posts most relevant to their interests. However for many people this change resulted in all chaos. From the illogical reading of the contents to publications that were “Hidden” from their access. There were many complaints. Among which perhaps one of the most important was. A supposed “Loss of likes”. After posting a photo, many users claimed that the likes took time to appear.

Brands Since This Platform Has Gained Special

Western Sahara B2B List

Which ended up generating discontent at the idea tha.Western Sahara B2B List T the new algorithm punished this metric which for many is vital. Even with the criticism. Instagram had never explained how its algorithm works however.And considering how complex the social network environment has become. The social network recently released the rules on which its algorithm works. A survey conducted by marketing content statics indicates that 88 percent of brands seek to increase their level of publications in 2018. Especially in stories. In a meeting with journalists in san francisco. Its product leader julian gutman. Explained how the controversial. Algorithm works with the intention of clarifying it.

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