There’s a particular reason why. People are more interested in watching movies or. More recently videos on social media than reading. Related posts on the same topic. Very few things can inspire action and without a doubt. Seeing movement is one of them. The move is exciting. As it conveys a message that is difficult to express. Through text alone. Of course this situation has been capitalized on in multiple ways. Where even brands and companies .Have made animated logos as an aesthetic and static alternative. These logos can be more than just gif. Imposing elegance and pragmatism.

And can serve as inspiration for a new logo design

Also logo business applications may .  Buy Italy WhatsApp Numbers  Already be messing with your subconscious. At a much earlier stage in your life. Researchers at the university of amsterdam found that users. Can remember a logo and the product it represents. In 67 percent of cases. For its part, according to crowdspring. Even an aspect like color has a great influence. Having a flagship color can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent. It is a fact that digital technologies continue to bring. Innovations so that the field of design evolves rapidly.

Thus designers need to keep up with modern

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Techniques and directions by which they. Can guide their work. But if this is applied with. Visuals in motion it highlights the fact that. Animated elements have become a fundamental part. Of powerful design by offering innovative and fresh. Solutions. The animated logo is a popular brand identity and marketing asset. With animation static logos become. Something that is no longer unique. Why do companies invest in logo animation. A logo is like the heart of a brand identity. It has a personality of a company and plays an .Important role in a brand strategy. Also, it is important to explain tha.T a powerful logo can establish the connection. With the target audience and tell the. Story of a brand. If graphic designers do their job well.

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