There Are Many Pet Owners Who Treat Cats and.Administration Directors Email Lists  Dogs as if They Were Their Children and This Has .created New Opportunities for Marketing. . There Are Many Pet Owners Who Treat Cats and Dogs as if They. Were Their Children and This Has Created New Opportunities for Marketing.  Cats Are One of the Most Popular Pets. Along With Dogs and in the United States Alone There Are More Than 95 Million. The Presence of This Type of Pet in Homes Has Created a Powerful Market. In the United States Alone, Last Year Pet Owners Spent More Than. $69 Billion on Products, Services and Health Care for Their Dog., Cats or Other Companion Animals. And When It Comes to Marketing.

Pet Food Companies Vie for the Attention of Humans

Shopping for Their Best Friends.  Administration Directors Email Lists  It Is No Secret That Many Pet Owners Refer to Their Dogs and .cats as Their Children and This Has Been Exploited by. Brands That Appeal to That Paternal and Maternal Instinct for Quadrupeds. A Good Example Occurred in Brazil, Where the Cat Food Brand Whiskas. And the Creative Agency Almapbbdo Created a Book for Cats. Obviously. Cats Can’t Readbut “the Curious Cat Book” Has Toys That Could Be Attractive to Kittens. The Book Tells the Story of the “Most Curious Cat in the World” and Each Page Represents a Different Place in the World. Including the Caribbean Las Vegas Barcelon.​​mexico Turkey Egypt India, Etc. In Addition There Is an Audiobook Available on.

Platforms Such as Apple Music and Spotify

Administration Directors Email Lists

Honda (46.6 Percent ) and Chevrolet (46.4 Percent). Administration Directors Email Lists  Despite the Level of Recognition and. Relevance That It Has for the Consumer, the Brand Is Not Willing .to Leave Loose Ends and, for Some Months. It Seems to Be Betting on a Strategy in Which It Seeks to Associate Its Image and .products With Other Commercial Firms That Are Widely Recognized by Mexican Audiences. This Is Demonstrated by a Recent Post Published on the Official Facebook. Account of the Automotive Brand, in Which It Alludes to the Popular. Mexican Soft Drink Brand, Jarritos. In Said Publication. Three Glass Bottles Are Observed Tha.

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