The theoretical bases make up a transcendental part. When it comes to the future of public relations. Marketing and advertising. Although the opinion of marketing and advertising. Experts is that among so much data. The marketer remains firm that the consumer is more than numbers. The truth is that the figures accurately show trends. Figures from emarketer. Projected by statista, forecast that this year 642.86 billion dollars will be invested in advertising in the world. Considering digital media (desktop/laptop.Mobile and other devices connected to the internet).Magazines newspapers outdoor media radio and television). Howeve beyond the numbers and practice.

There are also the theoretical bases

A transcendental part. More when it comes to the future of public relations. Marketing and advertising. “growth hacker marketing.  Buy Kazakhstan WhatsApp Numbers  A primer on the future of pr marketing. And advertising” by ryan holiday takes a look .At a new generation of megabrands like facebook, dropbox, airbnb, and twitter that haven’t spent a dime on traditional marketing. Study working from home can make .Us less creative “there are no press releases, tv spots or billboards. Instead they rely on a new strategy to reach many more people despite modest marketing budget. The author begins. This book is worth reading.Not having the user at the center many times seo strategists focus a lot on respecting the rules in order to push their. Content as high as possible in search engines.

But sam marsden, seo & content manager at deepcrawl

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Reminds us that it is not useful to focus on these types. Of technical issues it’s best to focus on optimizing your sites. To improve user experience and improving site quality. While staying up to date with the latest developments from. Google.The work of community managers has become increasingly professiona.Given the demand that brands have imposed and which .Consists of achieving commercial results. Through social interaction and converting followers. Into consumersthe latest linkedin report on community. Managers indicates that in mexico there are 405,000 registered. Professionals with such work.The inesdi digital business school places the cm as the. Second most demanded digital profession in the market.

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