Maluma’s latest outfit has been related. To the uniform of some mexican high schools. Maluma is a master of media attention. Since the start of the 2018 russia world cup.It has attracted attention. In the first training. Session of the mexican national team . He managed to position himself as a prominent topic on social networks. But the brand that took maluma to the wo. -in the program “A new day”- that he would perform the official song of the soft drink for the sporting event. Now, this opportunity extends to clothing brands.

Luxury or Not, Since Their Latest Outfit

Has been related to the uniform of some mexican high schools . Beware of black friday deals the singer was trolled in the comments. Sweden WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists   Alluding to the fact that he had finally decided. To finish high school and this echoed in other social networks such as twitter.El organismo respondió desde su cuenta oficial de. Twitter con un mensaje en el que apostó por enaltecer. El orgullo que supone ser parte de la plantilla laboral de dicha institución. La publicación generó diversas reacciones. Más de 516 retweets y más de 1.4 mil likes dieron cuenta de ello, en donde algunos. Usuarios demostraron su empatía ante la publicación.

This Was Not the Comparison That the

Sweden WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Particular outfit received. The particular combination of the singer was also compared. To the uniforms of the workers of the mexican social security institute. (imss), a situation that became a great opportunity for the health institution. To integrate its brand into the conversation and gain visibility. After some users made the particular reference. The agency responded from its official twitter account with a message in which it opted to exalt. The pride of being part of the workforce of said institution. The post generated various reactions. More than 516 retweets and more than 1.4 thousand likes gave an account of it. Where some users showed their empathy before the publication.

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