Two months after avengers. Infinity war hit theaters. Marvel will release the twentieth film in its cinematic universe. Two months after avengers: infinity war hit theaters. Marvel will release the 20th film in its cinematic .Universe in early july of this year. It’s about ant-man and the wasp and today a new trailer was. Revealed that stands out for its connection with avengers. Infinity war. Ant-man and the wasp is the sequel to ant-man, released in 2015. And will hit theaters during the first weekend of july this year. Recall that it took just over two weeks for avengers. Infinity war to become. The most successful movie in the marvel cinematic universe. It grossed more than the previous 18 installations in.

the franchise and could set a mark that’s hard to beat


hy it is a smart strategyTo react ant-man and the wasp with the tape. And it is that in the battle against thanos .And-man does not appear.   Buy Japan WhatsApp Numbers  So viewers wondered where scott lang was while. His colleagues tried to take over the most popular. Villain of the moment. After renewing his legal problems. In “Captain america. Civil war. The hero of various sizes had problems moving freely. Now thanks to this new spot,.We know why he has been under house arrest. A penalty he received after confronting. Team ironman and the united states government. During the events of “Captain america.

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The video starts with a question “The war has begun. And a question remains, where is ant-man.”. Right away scott lang is shown. Playing with a fan mini bowling and practicing. On a drum set. Marvel studios is accelerating the promotion of the film with a rate of publication of several posters each day and also with the past revelation of details such as the configured duration.Which will be 118 minutes. Thus, the sequel will have one minute more than the. 117 minutes of cinematographic footage of the first film .Starring paul rudd in the skin of scott lang.

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