Like every four years.Correspondingly. The world cup is presented as a spearhead of innovation.
In the first place. In the first place.For multiple sectors and industries. Similarly. Where it has been key to being able to carry out. In the light of. Actions related to the event.Similarly. S of improvements for the user, where social networks and the development. In the first place.Similarly. Of the experience of different platforms have positioned. As a matter of fact. Themselves as an element of the usual conversation of users. For a week users have already been part.Correspondingly. Of the enormous amount. Of content that has been made. As a matter of fact. A key part of all industries including in the world of sports. In factaccording to smatto.Correspondingly.Correspondingly.

For every eight minutes that the user spends on his smartphone

Hours a day on their devices for interactionhence. Buy El Salvador WhatsApp Numbers  Innovation is key in this world cup in russia 2018.In the first place. Where 791 million dollars in prizes are forecast for attendees.As a matter of fact. In the first place. These technological innovations were incorporated into the. In the light of. Growth in the penetration of mobile services social media. Correspondingly. Live streaming and on-demand content.In the first place. Football fans will use this technology.Correspondingly. To consume world cup content wherever they are. On their preferred platforms. According to forbes, 98 percent of sports. Marketing professionals choose digital spaces. Correspondingly.Correspondingly. In the light of. As a channel to take advantage of sponsorships.

Cameras with big data the stadiums are

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Equipped with 14 high-tech cameras that process. Correspondingly. Player and ball information to send available. Information about the match. Through big data and virtual intelligence. It is possible to have a greater choice over games.Correspondingly. Will receive information from two optical tracking cameras.In the first place. That will follow the movements of the players and the ball. On the pitch.As a matter of fact.  which will be processed.  In the light of. Can have data to evaluate performance.Correspondingly. Identify vulnerabilities and think about new strategies. To improve your game. In the light of. Experience for viewers.

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