The walking dead will launch its video game. Seeking to be as successful as the legendary. Pokémon go was at the time in the world. Augmented reality is becoming more and more important in the application of a strategy. Statistics show that the investment of virtual reality (vr) and augmented reality (ar) companies in the world. During the first quarter of 2016 amounted to 1.77 million dollars according to figures from emarketer projected by statista. In the case of ar. Pokémon go put it on the radar with its resounding success as an app . The developers placed a pokémon in the classroom, on a street in the colony or in the office.

Its Success Was Such That Now One of the Television

Series that has managed to become – at least in its beginnings – a cultural phenomenon. The walking dead will launch its video game.  qatar email database free  The production that tells the story of a group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Has captivated audiences . Becoming a success for the content producer amc . Data provided by the production indicate that the premiere season  reached an average rating of  million viewers.While it was the fifth installment of the production.  that had the best performance in this regard with an average rating of 14.3 million people.

The Creation of Experiences for Consumers Is a Task

qatar email database free

That gains relevance over time as it has important contributions to the business. However the development of the brand experience has various implications. Since as the journal of marketing points out.  Cognitions and behavioral responses evoked by stimuli related to the brand that are part of the design and identity of a brand. Packaging communications and environments”. One of the innovative ways to capture it is found in the use of virtual reality and augmented reality.  The Creation of Experiences for Consumers Is a Task.   The Creation of Experiences for Consumers Is a Task. according to statista.In case of high adoption they are elements. that will generate an economic impact of billion dollars worldwide.

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