The same can be seen when we compare the 5-year moving.  Averages using the relevant chart below – Taiwan has. The highest base wage hikes over the past 30 years and the lowest unemployment rate. A Produced by the author In fact. It can be seen from the chart below that since 2000. Although Unemployment rates in both countries have remained stable despite wide differences in the level of base wage increases in Taiwan and South Korea; in advanced countries as wealthy as Taiwan, where base wages have risen sharply, unemployment has fallen. In fact, Joseph, a financial management analyst with the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor But In fact, South Korea’s unemployment rate (red dotted line) has remained lower than Taiwan’s (green dotted line) for most years.

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Clear that rising unemployment has little to do with base wage hikes—whether it’s South Korea’s massive base wage hike. Or Taiwan’s stagnant base wage, unemployment remains low in both countries. Not only that, but as I pointed out in a previous post , when comparing advanced countries. With Ghost Mannequin Effect the basic increase in South Korea (red line) is larger.  Than that in Taiwan (green line) since 2000—in some years. It has increased by nearly 17%. similar per capita GDP to Taiwan (such as South Korea, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia), their base wages have all risen since 2014 By a bigger margin than Taiwan – as high as 17% in some years, but unemployment rates in these countries are all falling, or very low.

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Ghost Mannequin Effect

Countries with the fastest base wage increases in the world in the past few years. But also the countries with the lowest unemployment rate in the world. A Produced by the author In the last article. I also pointed out that in other advanced countries with low unemployment (below 6%), we also DM Databases see that they actually have several of the highest base wages in the world. (The base salary in Switzerland follows the base salary in the city of Geneva, while the Nordic countries use the base salary for hospitality workers. A Produced by the author Clearly, raising base wages has little to do with rising unemployment.

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