displayed on your social network. instagram small business Tentsile also proves this in its Instagram aesthetic. They regularly post content with information on real people using treehouses and (cute) pets. This brings another dimension to their products and brings them to life. instagram small business One thing Tentsile really does for them is that their products are unique and stand out from the competition. In this sense, they are leading the way in terms of aesthetics.

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If their content features a product you’ve never seen before, it will grab the attention of something you’ve seen a million times. You have to figure out what your unique selling point is and then really hammer the home. Tentsile is very Hong Kong Phone Number easy because their aesthetic features are a differentiating product. If your product is more standard than a treehouse tent, then you may need to do some aesthetic work. This might include coming up with a unique font for your brand. It may also involve organizing your posts so they have a signature style or color as the theme.



When you’re posting content on Instagram for a small business, you want people to recognize that it’s you. We may all aspire to one day have an Instagram account like Pantone , known as an expert in color and aesthetics, however, many SMBs are also doing a great job of creating color themes and creatively consistent but enticing content. . work for their business. Coffee Table Mags is an SMB focused on independent magazines, run by a freelance media designer from Germany who is passionate about coffee, photography and magazines.

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