of bodily factors that allow its emission. These Cyprus Email Addresses physiological aspects generate contrasts and variations in sound. In this way, the voice can have different tones: bass, treble, low and high. However, the presentation of an oral speech not Cyprus Email Addresses only implies the physical aspect of it, but also the emotional one. This means that it must be taken into account that the voice will have an effect on the listener. That is, the vibration we Cyprus Email Addresses produce transmits emotions to other people. Therefore, the voice will also vary in relation to these feelings. Consequently, knowing how to modulate the voice will make it possible to establish effective emotional ties.

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with the audience. In this article, we will review Cyprus Email Addresses four essential oral resources to achieve this end: volume, vocalization, intonation, and pauses. Volume It consists of the force with which the air is expelled through the vocal cords. This Cyprus Email Addresses force will generate that the volume of our voice is high or low. This originates from breathing, which is essential in the emission of sounds. The goal of mastering this oral resource is to Cyprus Email Addresses convey messages clearly to a large audience. Likewise, volume modulation is associated with exhibitor safety. For example, in the face-to-face mode, the voice should be projected to the back of the room. In virtual mode.

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however, you should avoid whispering into the Cyprus Email Addresses microphone or that it does not work optimally and reproduces a low sound. To efficiently modulate the volume, you can practice breathing exercises. These will allow the diaphragm to push in Cyprus Email Addresses and the lower part of the lungs to fill. In this way, the air in the body can be contained for a longer time and greater control over the voice will be obtained In the following image, you can Cyprus Email Addresses see two ways in which these exercises are performed. We can lie on our back or sit upright in a chair and place one hand on our stomach. Next, we must breathe in the air and ensure that it is directed.

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