encompasses the entire personality of an Jamaican Email Addresses individual: diagnosed people have only a blurred intuition about their identity; that is to say, they ignore, to a great extent and often, what they feel and even what they think. This leads them Jamaican Email Addresses to desperate acts to get the impression that they somehow exist; for example, they injure themselves or verbally abuse their family and friends (Bateman and Fungai 2004: 100). 4. Causal relationships To adequately develop the description of a problem, cause-effect or effect-cause relationships Jamaican Email Addresses must be established. To this end, the questions are asked: What is the cause of this problem? And what.

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effects does or can cause this problem? Every Jamaican Email Addresses problem statement includes both the manifestations or evidences of the same (the definition mentioned above), as well as the description of the imbalance, discrepancy or effects that it Jamaican Email Addresses causes and the causes that originate it (. Example First, we ask the questions. What is the cause of this problem? And what effects does or can cause this problem? Then, we move Jamaican Email Addresses the information to the paragraph. There is no clarity regarding how the identity dilution of these patients originates, but Peter Fungai argues that it is probably due to genetic factors and a childhood in which the.

Jamaican Email Addresses
Jamaican Email Addresses

individuals did not have parents or caregivers Jamaican Email Addresses that they could recognize and validate, to a certain extent. enough, your psychic experiences, that is, your feelings and ideas. As a result, children fail to have a coherent image of Jamaican Email Addresses themselves, but only fragmentary feelings and ideas (Bateman and Fungai 2004: 88). 5. Possible solution or solutions In the investigation, after raising the problem, it is necessary Jamaican Email Addresses to establish a solution or possible solution. It answers the question: How can this problem be reduced or eliminated? After developing all the previous points, it is feasible to propose possible solutions, theoretical or practical,

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