that it’s clear that cold outreach can be South Africa Email List effective, let’s get into the experiment I ran for securing guest posting opportunities. OVERVIEW OF THE COLD OUTREACH EXPERIMENT At the start of this year, I began testing different approaches to cold outreach. I was doing quite a bit of guest posting, so I decided to get in the trenches South Africa Email List and put my guest post outreach game to the test with an experiment. The cold outreach experiment ran for a month in April 2020. I didn’t test if outreach itself was effective, but instead tested South Africa Email List whether manual or semiautomated campaigns were more effective. I wanted to see what method worked

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best to create reliable, scalable guest posting South Africa Email List opportunity campaigns. For the manual campaign, I built a list of 10 prospects and crafted a personalized pitch for each of them. Manual campaign – Cold outreach experiment 10 list of prospects South Africa Email List prospects For the semi automated campaign, I built a list of 100 prospects and crafted a templated email that I customized with a minimal level of personalization for each prospect. Manual South Africa Email List campaign – Cold outreach experiment 100 list of prospects Now, you might be thinking… How is 10 vs. 100 prospects a fair comparison? My reasoning behind the sample sizes was time.

South Africa Email List
South Africa Email List

consumption. I estimated it would take me South Africa Email List approximately the same amount of time to send 10 fully manual emails versus 100 templated emails (of which the bulk of the time is spent researching prospects). Now that that’s clear, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. HOW TO DO GUEST POST OUTREACH Like any cold outreach campaign, guest post South Africa Email List outreach involves prospecting, crafting your pitch and follow-up sequence, and using a system to run your campaigns and keep track of everything. FINDING GUEST POSTING PROSPECTS Finding a South Africa Email List highly relevant, targeted list of prospects (prospecting) is the most crucial component of any cold.

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