That moment and recognizing “datchball” as a new sport born in aragon. Currently and very imminently. The different datchball clubs and associations are in the process of creating the “aragonese datchball federation” . Taking the most important step that Cyprus phone number will undoubtedly bring facilities to transfer this sport to other autonomous communities. Currently. Practically all the spanish provinces. Including the islands. Have contacts. Where datchball is practic and known through different schools and institutes. Cuenca has been the first town to link up with this sport and create the cuenca datchball club . Extending it to the university of castilla la mancha and other towns in the community. I leave you with a 30 second video presentation with the origins of datchball . Description and essence of the datchball without a doubt.

The essence of this sport is its pedagogical regulations in which many factors are taken into account to achieve real inclusion and treatment in favor of equality between the sexes. Being a compulsory mix sport and in which there are places that do not they can be Cyprus phone number occupi by the other sex. The differences with american sport are many. Such as: the bounce of the ball eliminates. So players who do not shoot well are still dangerous and therefore respecte in the game. It is play with three balls. Not six. When the players go to the center of the court to collect the balls. They can throw them without having to activate them. The lateral and bottom lines do not eliminate any player for stepping on them.

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Therefore, Only the referee will warn of it in case they do it to avoid a ball. It is compulsory mixed. There is no male and female datchball. If the ball use as a shield falls out of your hands while being Cyprus phone number us. It does not eliminate. When making an air the player of the opposing team is not eliminat. Otherwise the less skilled players would not have the opportunity to play for a long time. Players who are off the field cannot pass the balls to those who are playing. They can only cheer. If a team has 4 boys and 2 girls on the field. When they catch a breath a seventh player will enter as long as it is a girl and the 4/3 ratio is respecte. Therefore, In the same way. If in the proportion of 4 boys and two girls.

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Therefore, A girl is eliminated and there is an air. That square must be covered by a girl and not by a boy since there can never be 5 boys or girls on the field playing simultaneously. In addition Cyprus phone number to all these values implicit in the regulations that promote the participation. Especially of less skilled players. They have developed a scoring system based on values (see video) for the league that they carry out in aragon within the school games. In this system. A total of 7 points is given in each game. Scoring not only the game but also the attitude of both the players and the stands during it. Resulting in a very positive climate and environment for the practice of school sports.

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Datchball illustrative video goubak history of goubak the goubak was created by víctor manso lorenzo. A physical education teacher in madrid. In 2016. After a long period of research and Cyprus phone number creation of the playing field. The goal and the game mobile itself. From then on he shares it with friends and professionals of physical education. Javier fraile garcía. Jorge gerardo peláez díaz and one of his brothers. Javier manso lorenzo. Constitute a working group called “ goubak as an alternative sport in physical education classes: creation of teaching material ”. Linked to the regional center for innovation and training (as an institution. Crif) of teachers “las acacias” of madrid.

As a result of their work they published the first didactic unit to implement the aforementioned modality in the school environment. At the same time. They have been participating in various international conferences on physical education to spread the modality and. Cyprus phone number Currently. They are immersed in a work seminar linked to the territorial center for innovation and training (as an institution. Ctif) of madrid sur. Description and essence of goubak it is a collective sport of collaboration-opposition (regulated). In which 2 teams of 5 players each face each other. Necessarily mixed. Around a single central goal. The objective is to pass the ball (of totally new dimensions to what is already known.

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