Not only between user-user but between brands-audiences and. Guinea B2B List If we have to choose the most influential. Surely among the list we think it would be Facebook. The boom of the internet and social networks in recent. Years have radically transformed the way we communicate. Not only between user-user, but between brands-audiences and, if we have to choose the most influential. Surely among the list we think it would be Facebook. And it is that the network co-founded by mark Zuckerberg is the one with the largest presence worldwide more than 2.2 billion users of which. More than 1.45 billion daily active users endorse it. Facebook is one of the main channels in which brands invest in advertising only.

The Boom of the Internet and Social Networks in

During the first quarter of this year it reported. Guinea B2B List  Income of 11 thousand 795 million dollars for this concept . However in recent years Facebook has suffered. As it begins to lose popularity among younger users. Particularly generation z. This has been pointed out by various reports in. Recent months. In fact the most recent report from the pew research center. Indicates that this social network has lost a lot of presence among. Adolescents between 13 and 17 years of age. Since currently only 51 percent of users of this age indicate that they use the platform. That sounds like a large number but it pales in comparison . When 71 percent of users in that same age range . Said they were regulars on Facebook. This is worrying considering that YouTube. Is the platform that most attracts teens with 85 percent.

Recent Years Have Radically Transformed the Way We Communicate

Guinea B2B List

According to pew . Instagram (72 percent) and snapchat (69 percent) follow. Guinea B2B List With fb trailing behind at 51 percent. This makes it clear that generations like z or postmillennial. And generation t or touch are not as interested in Facebook. But what is the reason given the context of recent months. It would be easy to blame the Cambridge Analytica scandal and. The proliferation of fake news is having its effects. However the reason goes further and is something that is combined. With what has already been noted above. Facebook is already used more by adults and .The content published on the platform is not very attractive for this generation. It is a conclusion similar to that reached by an emarketer. Analyst quoted by the guardian who states that before. tting up a Facebook account was in but today for younger.Se

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