Mexican standup star ricardo o’farrill mockingly. Shouted the mexican victory at a fan with oriental features. “Take it korean, take it.” is seen in the video. This saturday the mexican soccer team obtained. Its second victory in the 2018 russia world cup. After beating its similar team from south korea 2-1 and. With this increases its chances of qualifying. For the second round, an event that both marks. Media and a large number of celebrities have celebrated. This again confirms how each. Game of the mexican team is a catalyst or distractor from the entire social. Political and economic context in the country. It is enough to mention how it dominated the conversation on twitter. Since the hashtags mexicovscorea and vamosméxico. Were the first two trends on twitter globally.

This saturday the mexican soccer team obtained

The peculiar response is heard.I speak spanish asshole.” although the comedian puts a copy in the publication. Buy Armenia WhatsApp Marketing Number Lists   Highlighting the answer and within the video another one that says “It’s a joke” there is no doubt that the action. Managed to capture more users in the social network. Since a great conversation with celebrations of the joke and others. That questioned the lack of respect. It is inevitable to define this as mockery and disrespect.


However This Was Probably Ricardo O’farrill’s Goal

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To plant a ‘pepper’ seed to stimulate a lot of activity on his twitter profile. Why the previous comment? Well, because if we follow the thread of the conversation that generated the “Controversial” video, we find one more in which both the mexican comedian and seoju park -profile that is enraptured- reveal that everything was a joke designed to generate “Virality”. . Something that he achieved.


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