Course I never believed that an artist or a union should rely on state aid. You have to stand on your own two feet and the state aid should help you. If she supports you you are her captive. You disappear when you lose her. What do you think of our statesponsored photo stuff They couldn’t be better or worse than the rest. We could not have a great photographic world and the stock market health education being the way it is. That money goes to art is gratifying. It goes without saying that they also go in wrong directions. You can’t legislate a better photo. So what is left for us is that each of us cultivates our own criteria and insists on a level of requirements.

Who benefits from the entry

Photography into the Fine Arts When did I not consider that the goal of photography is to establish it through ASKT. It is good to be represented in ASKT as well as in other Ghost Mannequin Effect educational institutions. I do not marry photography with Fine Arts and that is known. However photography education is definitely a good resource for ASKT students. Do you believe in our photographic institutions I don’t believe in institutions but in individuals. It is unthinkable to suggest today the dissolution of the Art Theatre but at the same time we all know that its peak moments were during Kuhn. In our photographic things what we have experienced up to now are either schools or exhibition events FKA Fotosynkyria.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Photography Month behind

Which there are specific people without whom all of this would not be possible. Nevertheless there was a specific proposal for a national photography policy. I was against DM Databases many points of it. In the end of course nothing of what was announced happened. But by God is it possible for art to advance through Ministries I do not understand why the YPPO should intervene in an institutional way. Its role should be limited to helping people produce work. I don’t agree with statefed institutions.  on the strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If I am an idiot I will produce an idiotic project. In the end it is not a matter of institutions or museums. It is a matter of education that will constantly go from bottom to top.

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