The penalty against iceland was the. 16th executed by messi during regular time of an. Official match with the argentine national team and the .Third to fail. Iceland got their first point in the 2018 russia world cup.As argentina let the victory go this matchday. The weight of the tie falls, to a large extent.On the crack lionel messi, who missed a penalty. That could give the albicelestes the victory . That is why social networks werelaunched against the defender. Whose brand is the most injured and. The loser after the ruling. Study. Working from home can make us less creative this failure against iceland is probably one of messi’s most.

Painful With the Argentina National Team

Shirt and adds to his negative reputation as leader.  Buy Qatar WhatsApp Numbers   Of the light blue team. Another outstanding. Negative moment for the footballer. Was in the final of the 2016 copa américa centenario against chile . When his shot went wide of the crossbar in the penalty shootout and finally la roja kept the trophy. The penalty against iceland was the 16th executed by messi during regular. Time of an official match with the argentine national. Team and the third to fail. In his professional career, between his matches. Between barcelona fc and the argentine national team. He took charge of 107 penalties: he scored 82 and missed 24. His percentage of success is 76.6 percent.

However the Impact on the Minds of Football Fans

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Is marked as a messi who regularly fails with his national team. More now than just yesterday cristiano ronaldo showed his talent. With a hat-track for the portugal national team. Nothing more and nothing less than against spain.In the same world cup . In the end the impact is there, messi missed the. Penalty against a debutant goalkeeper who works in. The cinema as an alternative career to football. And this led to a tie that for iceland is to take a point as a victory. And that for argentina means a point more oriented to the defeat.

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