Although the debut of the mexican national. Team is scheduled for this weekend. It is true that mexicans are one of the most passionate .Audiences for football which is why the match. Between spain and portugal now keeps the. Attention of the public in national territory. Although the debut of the mexican national team is scheduled for this weekend. It is true that mexicans are one of the most passionate audience.S for football, which is why the match between. Spain and portugal now keeps the attention of the public in national territory. This has been tried to be used by many brands. Which seek to be part of the trend with a series of interventions. In social networks. Such is the case of corona.

A Brand That Has Decided to Be Part of This Conversation

But also to a phenomenon that for a few weeks. Has dominated the conversation of mexicans sunday after sunday. The luis miguel bioseries. Buy Romania WhatsApp Numbers  One of the most emblematic characters. Of the production signed by netflix is ​​luis rey. Who of spanish nationality was the father of luis miguel. Hated by many and recognized by all. This character stars in the intervention. Of cerveza corona in one of the most anticipated games. Of the first week of russia 2018. “Come on, kids! Damn! The comeback. Isn’t going to come on its own” — luis rey watching #esp – #por . Pic.Twitter.Com/jw7qqhshbv – corona soccer june 15, 2018 an image of him with the phrase “come on.

With a Message That Not Only Alludes to the Sporting Event

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That the comeback is not going to come by itself. Was enough to put the brand in the conversation. Of two audiences that could be very different, but perhaps share some tastes. Those who love football and those who do not miss the .New chapters of the particular series. The publication quickly generated. Reactions and is an example of how empathy can be generated with the target audience. Using clear references to the social imaginary that dictate. Cultural phenomena at specific times. What is a fact is. That the winner by definition is netflix. Which finds in a great brand a perhaps indirect. Support to maintain the rise of its series that has gained good acceptance among the public.

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