It is recognizable in all circumstances. In addition, the modernization of a logo must be done in a thoughtful way, that is to say that it must not be distorted. Consumers must be able to recognize the brand at a glance even if the latter has completely redesigned its logo. Clean, geometric lines are currently highly sought after, but the brand’s visual identity must be recognizable. The giant Starbucks has understood this well. Over the years, its logo has been stripped of its dated illustration and rather sad color to make way for a geometric design and a more contemporary color popular with consumers. Graphic designer blog Simplifying logos for everyone World-famous brands have proven themselves, their logos have stood the test of time, their reputation is second to none.

From the biggest names

Haute Couture to car dealerships, their visual identities have evolved with them. At a glance, we are able to give the name of this supermarket or identify this brand of coffee. And yet these logos have gone through the years but they remain, today, perfectly identifiable for consumers. Graphic Photo Restoration designer blog Conversely, even if the big brands have modernized by blowing a breath of fresh air on their visual identity, simplified logos are not necessarily suitable for everyone. An unknown company that wants to promote itself will need to include more information about its logo to be well understood by the public. Without “doing too much” in order to stay in a modern dynamic adapted to our time. Conclusion From the logos of the 70s to those of today, the very colorful creations have given way to geometry and simplicity.

Themselves with fine lines in sophisticated designs

Photo Restoration

The simplest logos are the best, it’s the first thing customers will see, so be precise and effective. In a logo, it is necessary to transmit the essence of your message. This is not an illustration, if the customer fails to identify the brand. The meaning then there is no way they will remember you. Complexity is the enemy of memorization. Simplified logos are in vogue. In a world where everything is going faster DM Databases and faster, the speed of brand recognition is essential. Today’s customers are looking for things that are simple, precise and concise. They appreciate sleek and neat designs that are easy to identify and above all to memorize. If your logo is easier to remember than your competitor’s, chances are that customers. Will come to your establishment because they will remember your brand.

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