name, etc.) you want to customize in the templated Thailand Email List email in your spreadsheet. Under GDPR, you can legally possess this personal data and send cold emails in the B2B space if they meet certain requirements. In each of the emails you Thailand Email List send, you also need to specify how they can remove their data from your mailing list. Steps on Lemli’s : 2.Import your List (Buddies-to-Be) Once you import our CSV, Lemli’s will ask which Thailand Email List fields (columns in your spreadsheet) you want to import. This is what it looks like in Lemli’s: Lemli’s cold email outreach setup STEP 3: SET UP YOUR MESSAGES To set up your messages, you can either select

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“Template email” or “Blank email.” I always go with Thailand Email List Blank email, but the templates are definitely worth checking out. Steps on Lemli’s : 3.Set up your Messages Next, copy-paste or write your email template in the right-hand section. Lemli’s Thailand Email List edit email template step 1 You can see the little emoji on the right side of the subject line box. Use them. But don’t abuse them and start spamming people with unicorns! Next, set up your “Steps” or Thailand Email List follow-up emails and the number of days between them. I suggest 2-3 days

Thailand Email List
Thailand Email Lis

videos, custom fields, and unsubscribe links. To Thailand Email List access these, simply click on the three dots on the bottom of the email box: Lemli’s edit email template step 2 Now that you know exactly how to set up a campaign in Lemli’s, let’s get into the results of Thailand Email List the experiment to see why you should be using a tool like Lemli’s for your campaigns. THE RESULTS So, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Which approach works better as a scalable system Thailand Email List to land guest posting opportunities? Note: My hypothesis was that the manual campaign would land me more opportunities but would be much more difficult to scale. Here are the results: MANUAL

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