Upload an image or video to use from your computer, Google Drive Photos. Dropbox, Instagram URL or Canva . Click “Continue Story upload.Select the desired crop by moving the preset. Story dimension crop as desired. Magic Crop uses Sked’s full-featured. Photo editor to make the final edit to your post by clicking. (the pencil icon). Add text, filters, emojis, Instagram-like stickers, and more with a single click.

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The image shows the Magic Crop Tool. An example of a story idea. 6. If you’re using an Instagram business account with Story linking enabled (a Business Instagram account with 10,000 followers), enter the URL of the web page China Phone Number you want to link it to in the ” Post URL Story” link box . Then, choose to send your Story post to Drafts , Add to Queue , or schedule it to be published automatically at a time that best suits your audience. The image shows the post upload function.


If you’d like to spend more time in your social media workflow, sign up for Sked’s 7-day trial . Our all-in-one Instagram scheduler lets you automatically post images, carousels, stories, videos, and more. THow do you find time to lay the groundwork for your small business strategy when you’re busy with all aspects of running your business? As a small to medium business, there is no denying that this can be a daunting challenge. To help you get started with Instagram for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), we’ve put together an easy plan to set up your brand as an.

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