and structure or particular Comoros Email List characteristics. However, they all follow the same goal: To the extent that students are in a process of enculturation of academic practices related to scientific reading and writing, their level of mastery is diverse Comoros Email List and, at times, they can come across information that they do not know how to communicate. This fact can occur, for example, when they must explain the development of a process or the description of the Comoros Email List phases of a certain event. The little command of discursive resources can produce a confusing text, so care must be taken that the message is clear and precise. To do this, the sentences must.

The Expository Paragraph Of Cause-Consequence

be organized in a coherent and cohesive Comoros Email List way, indispensable and inseparable aspects in a paragraph. This is clear from what Aranda and Díaz pointed out: “Cohesion is the manifestation of coherence and occurs within the text as a Comoros Email List set of intertextual links to establish semantic relationships that a text needs to be constructed as a unit of meaning” For this reason, the discursive connectors that will link the ideas of the Comoros Email List paragraph should be properly selected. To write sequences, the following recommendations are made. First, the use of temporary discursive connectors is required , as they indicate a transition between two events.

Comoros Email List

Then, We Move The Information To The paragraph.

that occurred at different Comoros Email List times ( first, later, then, in parallel, finally, finally …). After integrating them into the text, you have to check that the text, in its entirety, represents the order of events or actions that you want to describe. Second, it Comoros Email List must be verified that the verbs ark the time of the narration of the sequence and keep it in agreement. According to Aranda and Díaz, the time that predominates in this type of information is usually the past perfect, since it allows expressing actions that began and have already ended, that is, that Comoros Email List occurred in a limited time space (2017: 240). However, the use of the present is also possible. Then, the use of.

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