very pleasing, and their target audience enjoys Germany WhatsApp Number List their emails because of that. Their conversion rates back up that claim. Key Takeaway: Email your customers often. If your emails are valuable, and if your audience is looking Germany WhatsApp Number List forward to hearing from you, this won’t be an issue, and it helps improve your Germany WhatsApp Number List relationship with your customers. STRATEGY #4: USE PINTEREST TO SELL VISUAL PRODUCTS Brilliance gets a lot of traffic from Pinterest. Screenshot showing Pinterest page They have 4.6 MILLION monthly viewers on Pinterest. Pinterest is great for marketing jewelry because: It’s Germany WhatsApp Number List visual (Brilliance has an in-house photographer to take the

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best shots possible of their jewelry). It’s fun Germany WhatsApp Number List to browse. You find the perfect jewelry without leaving your couch. According to Michael, they don’t just use Pinterest as an advertising platform — they use it as a brand engagement platform. They Germany WhatsApp Number List do this by sharing different styles of rings, stories of their happy customers, and wedding-related content. This is more effective, as buying an engagement ring is only the beginning of the Germany WhatsApp Number List wedding process. People, naturally, romanticize their weddings, and Brilliance shares content that really resonates with these people. Here’s an example of some of their products listed on Pinterest: Screenshot

Germany WhatsApp Number List
Germany WhatsApp Number List

showing jewelry catalog People can find Brilliance Germany WhatsApp Number List when they search for engagement rings on Pinterest, and the high-quality photos entice them to look further into the brand. Here’s a Pinterest ad by Brilliance, shown when you search Germany WhatsApp Number List for “engagement rings.” Screenshot showing jewelry product page If someone’s looking for engagement rings, they want it to be special. Promoting the customization feature here shows Germany WhatsApp Number List potential customers that when they’re ready to order, they can get the exact ring they want. The result? Customers either: Click the ad and start customizing their ring on the spot, either for fun or to place an order. Learn they can get a

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