The idea behind Design Continuity is complex thinking embodied in a simple philosophy. It focuses on connecting different elements of a design so that it looks like an individual entity, rather than different parts showing their own individuality. Let’s break it down into a very simple definition. The philosophy of continuity is strictly about matching the elements.This Means That Colors, Fonts, Images, Layouts, Etc. Of a Design Must Be Coherent. Enough to Establish a Clear Link Between the Whole Project. For Example, in Logo Design Processes, It Is Important That Colors Do Not Change. From Piece to Piece for No Specific Reason, as This Breaks. The Continuity of the Design and the Final Project May Look Disoriented.

In a Blog Posted on Designhill Writer John Kash.

reveals that every piece, every element of your graphic design should complement the brand identity rather than being there to look pretty. This is perhaps a much-studied concept that a good portion of psychologists around the Cameroon Phone number world strongly believe in. Does this mean that a psychologist can judge the aesthetics of designs better than designers? The answer is no ! However, there is always more than meets the eye. Now let’s talk about design continuity one more time before we finally get into the debate. In a more elaborate sense, continuity does not just come from the physical appearance of the design.

But It Comes From the Idea and Meaning Behind.

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each element used. If one element is designed with rough edges and a drop shadow around it, and the other is with hard edges having a flat design, the relationship will not be very relevant to the design project as a whole, which will make the whole campaign poorly designed. Are psychologists better designers?

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