from Bank My Cell Plus, how can you not Morocco Phone Number List click on a giant button that says “GET PAID”, am I right? To help you find the right color for your CTA, use a tool like Paletton. Put your primary color in the tool, then click the Triad option. Squeeze Morocco Phone Number List Page: Screenshot of Paletton tool In the above example, your site’s main color is purple and your CTA should be green or yellow. In this case, I would use yellow, as warmer colors (red, Morocco Phone Number List orange, yellow, etc.) tend to draw the eye more than cooler colors (blue, green, purple, etc.). Click the TABLES / EXPORT button to get the color codes. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Paletton tool SQUEEZE PAGE ELEMENT

Understanding Direct Response Marketing in 45 Seconds

SOCIAL PROOF At this point, we haven’t seen Morocco Phone Number List any examples of squeeze pages using social proof. It’s tough to fit all that on one page without scrolling, but if you can manage it (without the page becoming ugly or cluttered), social proof Morocco Phone Number List can improve your conversions. By social proof, I mean testimonials or statistics that prove people are loving your offer. For example, Double Your Freelancing has a squeeze page for their email Morocco Phone Number List course.[*] Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Double Your Freelancing This testimonial is eye-catching with the 5-star rating, and even better, comes with the date it was given. It adds an extra layer of trust to show that it’s a real review.

Morocco Phone Number List
Morocco Phone Number List

Another way to provide social proof is by sharing Morocco Phone Number List how many people have already signed up for your offer, like how we do on FAM’s homepage: Squeeze Page: Screenshot of squeeze page from FAM We mention how FAM has helped the users Morocco Phone Number List generate over a million dollars in revenue. If FAM has already worked for other customers, chances are it’ll work for visitors who are still on the fence. SQUEEZE PAGE ELEMENT #6: A SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD FORM I’ll keep this short and sweet… Do NOT have too many form options. You Morocco Phone Number List should only have a single form option; two at the most. Primarily you want their email address, but you can also get

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