If this were a professional wrestling match, the battle between Drupal and WordPress would definitely be the main event for the world heavyweight champion. I mean, you can’t do better than these two giants of the CMS market. Interestingly, the two had their releases two years apart (Drupal in 2001 and WordPress in 2003) and have risen to meteoric rise to become two of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. Granted, WordPress beats Drupal in popularity, but when it comes to the bare elements of each platform – technology, efficiency, cost security and all that – each side has loyal (read: vicious) supporters. with the facts to back up their arguments. So this article aims to put an end to the debate, of sorts, and decide once and for all, which of the two platforms is the real heavyweight.

Champion of the World of Content Management Systems.

We’ll look at all the possible features that the platforms share and see how they weigh in making the final decision. First round: ease of use Since everyone and their grandmothers (no offense to you grandma!) want to Bolivia Phone number be bloggers these days or run some sort of website, ease of use is a key determinant of the platform. CMS that we choose to use. WordPress is touted as the easiest to use. No wonder then that it has had over 140 million downloads since its inception. Even with the most basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

You Will Be Able to Use and Manage All of Its Plugins.

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and there are literally hundreds of thousands of them and add many cool features to your CMS. Drupal, however, has a pretty complicated back-end, which prevents most people from using it because you have to be a bit of a technical person. Additionally, WordPress has a great community that is ready to help you navigate the process; advise you based on their experience, making it easier on your journey to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your page or website. Drupal has a smaller community.

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