relationship. Then, when the relationship Croatian Email List between two elements of the causal chain is established, sentences must be constructed from two links (cause and consequence). The following examples represent sentences with these Croatian Email List noted characteristics: Cyanidation causes the selective dissolution of precious metals. Mining pollution is caused is caused by contact of metals such as arsenic, copper, gold, silver and zinc with water Croatian Email List The climatic phenomenon, called Tania, was produced by the collision of a cold air mass in height with the hot air from the surface. Finally, it should be taken into account that discursive resources allow editors to.

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pause and regulate the volume in the exhibitions Croatian Email List Category: Notices Posted By There are no commenting Vocalize, intonation, pause and regulate the volume in the expositions Seen: 411 times Oral resources are constantly present in the Croatian Email List messages we hear in our day to day, for example, in a podcast followed in the mornings or the video of our favorite youtuber . If we pay attention, it can be noticed that, in these virtual contexts, as Croatian Email List in the face-to-face ones, it is sought to emit messages that manage to establish an emotional bond with the public. This is not only achieved with the content of the speech itself, but with the application.

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of a series of techniques that allow modulating Croatian Email List the most important tool in this type of context: the voice. The voice, as already mentioned, will be our main channel for transmitting oral messages. It consists of the vibration that is Croatian Email List emitted from the inside from the breath and the movement of the vocal cords. To produce it, however, the entire phonic system is put into operation. In the following image, you can see the cycle of Croatian Email List movement that occurs in the vocal folds or folds, and that allow the emission of the voice from the expulsion of air. Figure 1. Mechanism of the vocal production cycle As can be seen, the voice depends on a series.

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