some strategies I use with my Monaco Email List store. IMPLEMENT A REFERRAL PROGRAM A simple way to keep a customer coming back is to reward them for recommending your business to a friend through a referral program. By providing a Monaco Email List coupon or a gift card as a thank you for both the referrer and the referred, you will increase your sales even further. OFFER DISCOUNTS The key to offering discounts is to not over-discount. And it is Monaco Email List important to make sure that these offers only go to customers who wouldn’t normally purchase from you otherwise. As a result, you must structure your discounts based on consumer behavior. For example,

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might give a 10% discount to a customer who Monaco Email List hasn’t purchased in two months but a 20% discount for a customer who hasn’t purchased in three months. If a customer is a regular, they may not even need a discount to buy again. Sometimes, a Monaco Email List reminder is good enough. This discounting strategy is called a discount ladder because you only discount the minimum amount necessary to yield an additional sale. If you can’t implement a discount Monaco Email List ladder, you can always email a coupon to your entire customer list but this strategy isn’t as efficient. INVEST IN A LOYALTY PROGRAM Another tried-and-true method of increasing LTV is to


Monaco Email List
Monaco Email List

invest in a good customer loyalty program. Here Monaco Email List are some benefits of running a loyalty program: Customers value loyalty points: A good loyalty program will create an emotional connection between your customer and your brand. Also, giving Monaco Email List away free rewards points is much cheaper than giving away discounts, but they are equally as appreciated. Customers will be committed to your store: When a customer signs up for your loyalty Monaco Email List program, they instantly become a potential high LTV customer. This opens the lines of communication further because you know they want to hear from you. Customers are more likely to

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