Facebook’s success as a dominant figure in social networking is due to the constant reinvention and innovation of its site to better meet the needs of its users. Thanks to Zuckerberg and his company, the easy management of content on Facebook has made using the website easier. Here are ten of the best features that make Facebook the biggest social media competitor to date. 1. Events Formatted like a calendar, Facebook Events allows users to keep up to date with a calendar of all kinds of events. Users can also use this feature to manage their event management on Facebook by setting and organizing events. Events, along with their details, can be organized and sent to any user by any user.

The User Can Also Choose Between a Public or Private Setting.

People have counted it as one of the most common ways to keep up to date with major happenings and happenings regarding their friends. 2. Timeline Journalistic in nature, Timeline is an effective way to Chile Phone Number present and document life events online. Facebook’s management also allowed users to categorize all of their content, including a range of life events, photo uploads, and more, into consistent time periods. Friends can also connect and share information with you by posting to your timeline. Now they’ve added a crucial new feature: hiding posts. If users want to document certain information in their timeline but also want to keep it secret from the public.

They Can Now Hide Posts Only They Can See Wall Now.

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with a timeline layout, Facebook users use the wall to post messages and, until recently, attachments as status updates. Facebook management also allowed names and pages to be tagged to link directly to the person’s profile. This makes connection and interaction between and among users faster and more convenient. 4. Messenger Facebook has become such an important means of communication that Facebook management had to create a separate app just for messaging.

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