US have a Smartphone. Among them, 67% check their phones for emails, messages, calls or alerts, even when there is no notification. 44% sleep with their phone nearby so they don’t miss any messages, calls or important updates and 29% say their life is impossible without their phone! All of these things have made it very important for website owners to make their sites compatible with different screen sizes. Responsive web design is the new trend in this market which makes a website available on different types of devices. With the increase in the number of mobile device users, it has become imperative for all website owners to make their sites responsive in order to maximize their reach.For Example Check Out the Site Where the Content Remains.

For Example Check Out the Site Where the Content Remains.

intact but the layout of the site changes depending on the screen resolution. Although responsive designs make it easier for users to approach, they also present many challenges. One of the biggest challenges that comes with it is the responsive navigation menus. There is enough space on the desktop screen to Thailand Phone number support multi-layered menus. But the space on a mobile screen is limited and it becomes difficult to adjust the same content precisely and clearly as well as maintain its usability. Here are some tips to help you with responsive navigation menus:1. Identify the content you want to display.

The First Thing to Decide Is What Content You Want to Display.

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on the mobile screen. Space is limited, so you need to identify the content that is most important to your users. Many things influence this decision such as the purpose for which they use your site and the situations in which they access your site. The idea here is to only use important content and remove unimportant ones. There are two ways to do this which are explained below using examples:The first example is from The Sweet Hat Club website . The developer of this website has identified the content they want to display on the mobile version.

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