cause some rejection of reading. This publication Djibouti Email List aims to point out some reading strategies to understand the content of academic texts, that is, of the university’s own texts. To begin with, we must point out that in the reading process Djibouti Email List three phases can be identified (pre-reading, reading and post-reading) and that, in each of these stages, it is advisable to carry out a set of activities. In the pre – reading phase , the student usually encounters Djibouti Email List the following problem: lack of motivation. With the teacher’s guidance, the student must.

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understand why and for what read the text Djibouti Email List assigned in class (Sole 2007). This will allow you to recognize the importance of the text in question. Likewise, to concentrate on reading, it is necessary for the student to have an ideal environment Djibouti Email List where external sounds or any other distracting element are not filtered. Maria Sole, Master in Educational Planning and Evaluation, points out that “the environment or space selected to carry out Djibouti Email List the reading activity is of great importance, [since] the minimum comforts that the educational institution has, such as ventilation, lighting and furniture , they will guarantee the strategic success of the.

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reading ”(2007: 5). Given the current Djibouti Email List situation, we cannot access the university’s study spaces, such as libraries. Therefore, In the reading phase , the main difficulty faced by the student is the misunderstanding of the text read at a Djibouti Email List lexical, syntactic and semantic content level. That is, the student has problems understanding the meaning of certain words, because they are very technical, or because the sentence construction itself —the syntax— is complex. Let us think, for example, of the long sentences loaded with concepts hitherto Djibouti Email List unknown to the student. These difficulties can affect and reduce the motivation achieved.

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