Below individual posts, you’ll see average engagement, impressions, likes, and comments and how they compare to the previous period. Questions you should see in this section include: Which posts perform best in terms of engagement or impressions? How are they different for posts that are exceptionally well or poorly performing? Especially check out the creative (image and title) here to see what resonates the most! How does engagement affect the algorithm’s influence on my posts.

Let’s Example

–To see this information, look at engagement metrics within the first 24 hours, as early engagement from followers is one of the main factors in Instagram and Facebook’s algorithm Next is your audience summary . You’ll see follower Saudi Arabia Phone Number growth, profile visits and website clicks, as well as daily follower changes over time. Questions to look at here: If follower changes go up or down – why? Is it a particularly well-performing post, or is it an ad campaign? How many website hits do I get from Instagram? [To add speed to your bio link, try Sked Link.


Are followers visiting my profile after seeing the content in my feed? What brought them there? Will these metrics trend up or down over time? Next, you’ll see a summary table for Insights . You can group them by day or week by selecting the bubble in the upper right corner. The questions to be considered in this section are: On a daily, weekly or monthly basis, what changes? Will my posting habits stay consistent over time? That’s it for the Overview.

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