They use videos to give viewers an insight into how the restaurant works, including the delicious dishes on the menu. Instagram Business Stories – Sked Social After creating a video, you just upload it to your story. If you want to add subtitles, you can draw text on the video or type it directly. The more creative you are, the more interactive your Story will be and will allow your business to grow rapidly. One of the great things about sharing videos with Instagram Stories is that it’s both simple and easy for you to bring your own perspective home. Quick and spontaneous snippets of everyday life can have a powerful impact on your brand.

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Before uploading the video, remember to resize the video accordingly. With that in mind, creating content can be a fun experience. You can design cards and incorporate graphics for introductions or calls to action. Your video cannot exceed 15 seconds at a time or it will be cut off. You can use the boomerang effect to Thailand Phone Number uniquely showcase your products. Once people are excited, you can ask them to check out more about it on your blog. Tip  Turn your blog content into micro-articles Do you own a restaurant or run a decoration business? Instagram Stories could be your next new channel for showing editorial content.

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Many users may be looking for cooking ideas or short how-to articles on family topics. These micro-articles allow you to share this kind of information in a fun and easy-to-understand format. By condensing versions of online content with Instagram Stories, you can convey useful information that is easy to absorb and even direct followers to your website at the end of the story. What you post on your blog can provide clues. There’s a good chance you’ll find an article that breaks down into several slides. Of course, the main purpose of creating these slides is to engage the audience, so don’t let them hang. Use the instructions in the next step to close your story.

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