Because your stories have contextual value, your profile becomes a portfolio that showcases your best content. This type of content is also relevant for businesses as it can. Humanize and provide transparency to your business. Therefore, you can communicate more deeply with. Your target audience. Your stories will appear in the top feeds of users who follow you, not regular articles, which must compete for the top spot. Every time a story is added, your followers will be alerted with a colored ring to indicate that a new story has been published.

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This maintains visibility in your followers’ feeds. The Instagram Stories indicator also lets your followers know that your account has been active recently, and your profile will show up in search results looking at your Instagram account. How to Schedule Your Story Posts to Publish Automatically with Sked Armenia Phone Number Social 1. To enable the Story Plan for your account, log into your Sked Social account (or start a 7-day free trial). Click on Billing/Profile Settings in the sidebar menu (green arrow below). Creative Instagram Story Ideas – Sked Social 2. Next, go to the “Instagram Stories” section and turn on the ” Enable Instagram Stories Schedule” switch.

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you’re wondering: what’s the big deal about Instagram for business? And how to use Instagram for business purposes? From content marketing to email marketing to pay-per-click advertising to all other social media networks, there are so many other marketing tools available, why do you need to add Instagram to your plate? We did it – marketing your brand and business takes a lot of time, effort and elbow grease, and tempting you to turn a blind eye to the idea that you need to implement another strategy. But here’s the thing: If you’re not already using Instagram as part of your brand’s overall marketing strategy, you should definitely be.

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