start gathering user feedback. Here’s another Greenland Email List highlight of Ahrefs’ FAQ page: It’s optimized for SEO. Go ahead, reread the question and answer. Notice there’s a natural keyword usage in the H1 question title, subhead, and body of Greenland Email List the page? These keywords match what users type in a search (e.g., “Is there any way to brand PDF reports with our own logo?”), attracting traffic from ideal customers who are deep into the Greenland Email List sales funnel and ready to buy. The location breadcrumbs also encourage users to delve deeper into Ahrefs

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‘ website, reducing bounce rate, and ultimately Greenland Email List ranking the FAQ page in search. 2. CLIENT PORTAL faq examples client portal Industry: SaaS Why It Works: Friction occurs on the pricing page, as this is the stage where your target Greenland Email List customers have to part with their money. They might wonder: This looks complicated. Do I need to know [Skill / Knowledge] to use it? Can I integrate it with [App / Software]? I don’t see my Greenland Email List industry / niche here. Will this tool work for me? These friction points aren’t just FAQs. They’re buying objections. Client Portal combats these objections by integrating its FAQs on its pricing page.[*] And not only that, the

Greenland Email List
Greenland Email List

questions in the first-person point of view add a Greenland Email List personal and open tone. It feels more relatable to target customers. Another area that Client Portal does well is the product roadmap shared in one of the answers. By showing users upcoming features and encouraging them to share their requests, Client Portal convinces those on the fence that the Greenland Email List features they want will be added soon. The next time you create an FAQ page, merge it with your pricing page to reduce friction points. And while you’re at it, show the pricing table again after the Greenland Email List FAQs. It’ll save customers a step of scrolling back up. 3. KETTLE & FIRE faq examples kettle and

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