Duration of 60 minutes which would multiply by ten the time allowed until now.Vatican City B2B List  Competition in the field of social networks is increasing. The platforms that perform within this arena. Are obliged to constantly innovate in the face of growing. Competition and the demand of users to live new experiences. This is well known to instagram which could now launch a new function with. Which it would be singing the war directly to youtube. Let us remember that according to tns. Worldwide users connect frequently with 3 social networks on a daily basi. While when the behavior is studied weekly the figure. Grows to 5 platforms. With this in mind. According to reports delivered by media such as the wall street journal.

Instagram Would Be Working on a Feature That

The social network owned by facebook would.  Vatican City B2B List  Be working on a function that would allow users to publish stories. With a maximum duration of 60 minutes, which would multiply the time allowed by ten. Until now said publication cites sources close to the matter. Which refer that this modification could increase the rate. Of interaction in the social network and give rise to other content formats. The audience for original digital video has grown steadily over the last five years. Among us adults, it grew from 45 million in 2013 to 72 million in 2018. A 60 percent increase, according to the interactive advertising bureau. The effort could mark the beginning of a direct war with youtube. A platform that until now has been a reference in the world of online video. But whose growth has been reduced thanks to the efforts in the.

Would Allow Users to Post Stories With a Maximum

Vatican City B2B List

Matter that other social interaction spaces such. Vatican City B2B List As snapchat and facebook have executed on it. On this line, the big blow could come from the hand of the influencers. A large part of these new celebrities have “Built and grown their career.” thanks to the sale of the youtube video portal. However for some years now instagram has been. A key player in the emergence of this discipline. A situation that could gain special relevance for both brands and users with a long-term video format. Figures from influencer marketinghub indicate that on instagram. Investments in influencer marketing during. 2016 reached 700 million dollars however. For 2017 it is expected that the figure will reach.

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