We share some steps. Recommended by marketingporfs. For the development of a campaign.Evaluate the option the starting point to start. The development of a campaign with. Ugc is to determine if it is worth this effort. These types of campaigns, in general. Only work for those firms that already have a good. Base of followers or that are highly mentioned on social networks. To know the volume of interaction that exists with respect to your brand. It is ideal to work with social listening. The activity will provide data that will be crucial to carry. Out the campaign or not. Set goals given the above. If the campaign is something viable. The next step is to determine what you want to get out of it. The most common goals when working with ugc are increased engagement. Increased followers and sales of a particular product. Remember that the goals must always. Go under the well-known smart model that is they must be specific.

Measurable attainable realistic and limited in time

Develop ideas this is the stage where you will determine. Buy Morocco WhatsApp Numbers  The main idea of ​​the campaign with. Which the users or audience will generate content that you will use. According to marketingprofs the most popular are contests. Because they encourage participation thanks. To the recognition and prize they can bring. Depending on the product or line of business of your firm. You must determine the content that. You want the audience to start developing. Identify and engage influencers to give impetus to the campaign. That you are going to start. Influencers can be decisive if you make. Them the first to generate content. If your campaign is complemented by an. Influencer, it will be easier to give visibility. To the efforts and attract the participation of the community.

Choose winners if you choose to develop

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A contest as part of your ugc campaign. You must determine winners, for this you can establish .Guidelines that must be met to be a winner or. You can leave it random as a draw using some tool .That chooses the winner. Gather the content once the above. Is finished, it is time to collect the content. For this you can also use tools that help you to more easily. Identify the pieces that the community has created. Of course do not forget that you must establish. And clarify to the audience the terms. Conditions and policies that allow you to make legal use of these materials. You can make this clear from the moment you launch the contest. So that people can participate. Spread lastly make use of paid earned. And owned media to leverage the user-generated content you’ve collected. This content will be very useful to demonstrate. Authenticity and increase engagement with consumers.

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