A list compiled by statista. With data from social blade.Placed selena gomez as the most powerful. Influencer on instagram with 138 million followers. According to a recent pew research center study .85 percent of teens ages 13 to 17 use the video platform youtube. With about 72 percent using instagram. And 69 percent using snapchat. This speaks of its impact today, after the facebook brand. Crisis due to the cambridge analytica case. Their queen is called selena gomez .Arguably the most influential figure on the platform. A list compiled by statista.With data from social blade.

The Designer Replied ​the World Cup From the Iphon

Placed selena gomez as the most powerful.  Uganda WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists   Influencer on instagram with 138 million followers. Even so stefano gabbana dared to launch an. Insult towards the popera. The instagram account of the catwalk italia shared an image. In which the singer is seen on five occasions wearing different red dresses. And in which they asked the followers. Which look they preferred. The designer replied ​the world cup from the iphone. Thus, users will be able to ask siri questions. Such as which teams are playing. The composition of the groups. Players of the national teams or match results . In addition apple will add to the app store apple news.

​Even in the Ibooks App Updates With

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​Even in the ibooks app updates with. New special sections designed for the soccer world cup . Without a doubt russia 2018 is a reason for brands to join in some way.Even those that do not have an official license. An example of this is what facebook is doing with. Special filters and an alliance with televisa to generate special content. Or what was done by others such as snapchat and twitter .That signed an alliance with fox sports to generate. Special content for the world cup, even youtube has. Joined in generating some data related to the most. Followed teams and players on the video platfor.

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