Digital marketing written by fernanda gonzález. Trinidad and Tobago B2B List Stan lee published a video message addressed to thanos. The villain of avengers; infinity war. In which he explains with a touch of humor that. A few days of vacation were enough for thanos to destroy a large part of his superhero. Forcing him to work to have “New friends.” the strong marketing strategy around the. Film as well as the interest that the narrative causes among the. Audiences have placed this film as one of the great. Crowns of the marvel cinematic universe. Its box office success is the first moment of a. Strong promotional effort that is expected. For the next installment of avengers 4 a process that. More than a year after the release of said film. Already seems to have begun. And a recent tweet published by stan. Lee against thanos is the best example.

Through His Official Twitter Account the Creator of the

The villain of avengers infinity war.In which with a certain touch of humor. Explains that a few days of vacation were enough.  Trinidad and Tobago B2B List  For thanos to destroy a large part of his superheroes, forcing him to work to have. “New friends” who reverse what was done by the well-known enemy of the avengers. “I go out of town for a couple of days and find. Out that thanos destroyed all my characters. This will be the last time I will take a vacation. Unfortunately this means a lot of work for me, but do not worry. I will have new friends very soon and I recommend thanos to leave the city.”He said in the video. The material entitled “My message to thanos.” with a duration of 30 seconds adds up to now 1.3 thousand.

Marvel Universe Posted a Video Message Addressed to Thanos

Trinidad and Tobago B2B List

Comments 32 thousand retweets and 107 thousand likes. Trinidad and Tobago B2B List Figures that have given space for the followers of the saga to make all kinds. Of speculations about ” the true meaning.Of the video posted by lee. Although there are no more details about it. Hundreds of fans ventured to speculate that the writer could be talking about characters that have not yet appeared in the marvel movies. But would be a crucial part in avengers 4. In the same wa for many. These statements speak of the “Return of the disappeared.A theory that has been widely commented on and although it is likely to be a reality. It is not yet known how the superheroes who were could “Return to life. Faded. Beyond speculation.

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