On their own, marketing and sales won’t bring Lesotho Email List great results. Without marketing, sales teams waste their time following up with low-quality leads. Without sales, marketers fail to hit their quarterly targets. But when they are together? Marketing Lesotho Email List and sales crush conversions. Want to learn the major differences between marketing and sales and how they can work together to supercharge your business? You’ve come to the right place. 1 The Lesotho Email List Major Similarities Between Marketing and Sales 2 Marketing vs. Sales: How Are They Different? 3 Difference #1: Categories 4 Difference #2: Approach 5 Difference #3: Activities 6 Difference

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Size Of Customer Base 7 Difference #5: Timeline Lesotho Email List 8 Difference #6: Tools Ready? Let’s roll. THE MAJOR SIMILARITIES BETWEEN MARKETING AND SALES Hold it right there, eager learner. Before we explore the major differences, let’s Lesotho Email List discuss what marketing and sales have in common: 1. GOAL Do a quick search and you’ll notice marketing attracts awareness and sales converts leads into customers. Different goals, right? But here’s Lesotho Email List the interesting thing. In the big picture, marketing and sales couldn’t be more similar Lesotho Email List in their goals — both aim to drive revenue. Check out this marketing and sales funnel, which illustrates this common.

Lesotho Email List
Lesotho Email List

goal. Marketing and sales funnel 2. FOCUS Both Lesotho Email List marketing and sales focus on the customer. Effective sales pitches shine a light on your target audience. In every interaction, they hear what’s in it for them and what the results look like after Lesotho Email List using the product. This sales pitch contest entry by G2 (formerly G2Crowd) is a perfect example. Note how the user voice platform fully captures its value proposition while highlighting the Lesotho Email List frustration of its target customer. Marketing works the same way. This Facebook Ad by Shopify zooms into the prospect’s deepest desire — turning hobbies into careers they love.[*] Facebook Ad by Shopify Now that

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