But it can also increase trust. It’s why you hear Armenia WhatsApp Number List companies talking about ‘Available in X countries’ or ‘Shipping worldwide’ in their marketing campaigns. Ubiquity can make your brand appear bigger and more trustworthy. Chance to Armenia WhatsApp Number List learn and improve your products. New markets will help you to spot new Armenia WhatsApp Number List opportunities to improve your product offering. For example, Uber now accepts cash payments in over 130 cities after expanding into locations where cash is still preferred to card. HOW TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS GLOBALLY IN 4 STEPS 1. LOOK AT WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS COME FROM One of the best ways to get started with a global

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marketing strategy is to look at where your Armenia WhatsApp Number List current customers come from. If you use Shopify, the ‘customers by location’ report will show you a quick overview of where your customers are located and how much they’ve spent in your Armenia WhatsApp Number List store: Global Marketing Strategy: Screenshot of “Customers by location” report If you have Google Analytics set up for your site, you can also use its Audience features to look at where you’re Armenia WhatsApp Number List getting the most traffic from: To do this: Open Google Analytics Click ‘Audience’ in the right-hand navigation Open the ‘Geo’ menu Click ‘Location’ You’ll now see a breakdown of your visitors by location: Global Marketing Strategy:

Armenia WhatsApp Number List
Armenia WhatsApp Number List

Screenshot of breakdown of visitors by location Armenia WhatsApp Number List in Google Analytics If you notice you’re getting a lot of traffic from a location your business doesn’t serve, or could serve better (e.g., offer local pricing and support), this could be a big Armenia WhatsApp Number List opportunity. For example, back years ago Noah Kagan (Chief Sumo), created a Facebook gaming company called Gambit. As Gambit was a U.S. company, the team focused on Armenia WhatsApp Number List growth in the U.S. (makes sense right?). When Noah looked into the data, he spotted that half of the revenue was coming from outside the U.S. — places like Finland, Portugal, and New Zealand. So by not looking internationally for

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