oftentimes conversions too — so you need to UAE Email List treat each top page with care. Often, improving top pages comes down to the small details, like: Ensuring CTAs are relevant (and driving clicks to your high-converting pages) Checking the UAE Email List content is fresh and up-to-date (especially any screenshots). Adding details when things change. At Buffer, one of our top pages is focused on social media image sizes. When a new format like Instagram UAE Email List Stories comes out, we have to update the page with the new image sizes. As well as using Google Analytics, you can check your top pages in Google Search Console to see if there are opportunities to test out new headlines and descriptions to increase.

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and then recording the Loom video for the UAE Email List virtual assistant. By spending an hour or so doing the task, you’ll usually come across enough context to explain the task to your VA. FINDING THE RIGHT VA It’s also wise to hire multiple VAs at first and UAE Email List give them all pieces of the same task so that you can evaluate and ultimately select the best one. We recommend hiring a minimum of 10-20 VAs for an “evaluation task” to find one or two good ones. Filling UAE Email List in the data for 100 rows is a good initial task to evaluate if they’re worth working with. Once you’ve found a VA that you’d like to work with, pay them by the hour and not by the row. To pay them.

UAE Email List
UAE Email List

hourly is more expensive at first, but ultimately, once UAE Email List you train someone and you’re working with them consistently, they will help you achieve way more than if you hired an agency or did these tasks yourself. We find that it’s easier for both parties to allow UAE Email List the VA to charge by the hour. This builds trust with your VA over time, rather than nickel-and-diming over the number of rows completed. You can find VAs via sites like Fiverr, Gagster, UAE Email List or onlinejobs.ph. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is also good for super simple tasks, like disqualifying solar roofs. For instance, we had three different Mechanical Turk workers disqualifying solar

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