World cup the sporting event with the most. Media attention in the world. An important point that must. Be clarified is its evolution and. Just as the tournament has changed. The mute has also developed a new form of interaction. Now the use of the internet is firmly positioned. Throughout the world. Along with itnew relationship dynamic.S between people. Such as social networks and other joint. Collaboration platforms. In this way, for the next four weeks. People will be able to use these tools to be. Part of the global conversation. However for marketing and advertising professionals. It could be beneficial to analyze the activity that the big. Stars have on these digital platforms.

Why Not Get a Closer Look at What

World’s most famous soccer players do.  Buy India WhatsApp Numbers  Even if it’s on twitter, it could be relevant to know. What they do and how they interact with the audience. Although at the national team level it has greater weight. Where mexico is the country with the most followers on twitter. For example (with almost 6 million followers) or france. Which has almost 3 million followers on instagram. Knowing the profile of solo stars can also leave great lessons. Cristiano ronaldo the portuguese player is the maximum figure of his national. Representative of him. The real madrid striker already has three goals in the competition. Proving that age is not a question when it comes to demonstrating talent. On twitter he is dedicated to showing support for his squad.

Although with just over 129 million instagram followers

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He also shows that he has something more. Individual and personal to offer. Rurik gislason the icelandic defender went. Viral after playing against argentina and proves one thing. A world cup match can make you a social media celebrity. Who after being a relatively unknown footballer from the german second division. Now continues to receive followers.Leo messi the best player in argentina has to follow the line of what. He feels when stepping on a soccer field. Although some of the images that he shows on this social. Network may be sponsorships most show effusiveness. And positivity about what he will face in the world cup.

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