Upload all your carousel images. Click “Continue”. Long Captions for Instagram – Sked Social After viewing the post, you can now crop and edit the post in the edit screen. Click on each image to make unique edits to each photo. Long Captions for Instagram – Sked Social Once done, add the title and hashtags as usual. Note: The new Sked allows users to make “multiple image posts/carousels” on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Next, click “Confirm,” then queue the carousel, schedule it.

Chopra Jonas

or save it as a draft. simple! So, who does it well? Media Brand National Geographic National Geographic’s long-read Instagram posts combine stunning photography with in-depth captions that provide the full story behind each image. These stories often address ecological issues, touch on the lives of other communities Bahrain Phone Number around the world, and highlight why support is needed, giving supporters all the details on how they can contribute to conservation issues. National Geographic’s images are of such a high standard that fans want to know the story behind each image. The combination of protective facts, emotional language, and clear.



next steps to discover more posts like the one below effectively builds your brand. Check out this post on Instagram Photo by atgeoeve winterphoto This is a woman, tired from hunting while swimming in the river, now resting on the bank at sunset. Nature is perfect. It provides us with the air to breathe and the water we need to live. Myatgeo jaguar story coming out this week – National Geographic December issue! And watch ouratGeowild Big.

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