The Overview tab provides you with a high-level summary of key analyses. You can choose the data you want to view in the past 7 days, 1 month, or 90 days, or choose your own date range from the calendar drop-down menu. The first part of the overview is a summary of your high-level metrics. This shows your new followers, engagement rate and reach, and percentage increase or decrease compared to the previous period (if you selected last 7 days, the last period is the previous 7 days; if you selected last month , the last period is the previous month).


Clicking “See More” below each box will take you to another tab with more insights into each category. Questions answered in this section include: What is the average organic engagement rate for my posts? Are my followers, engagement Oman Phone Number and reach trending up or down? When you scroll down the page, you’ll see posts published during the selected time frame. You can easily sort them by engagement, impressions, or time by selecting from the drop-down menu on the right. Every post will show you analytics for reach, engagement, likes, comments, saves and impressions.


Click on an individual postcard to see more details. This will show you the type of engagement, reach and impressions from the previous 24 hours. Below individual posts, you’ll see average engagement, impressions, likes, and comments and how they compare to the previous period. Questions you should see in this section include: Which posts perform best in terms of engagement or impressions? How are they different for posts that are exceptionally well or poorly performing? Especially check out the creative (image and title) here to see what resonates the most! How does engagement affect the algorithm’s influence on my posts

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