We are kicking off the 2018 fifa world cup russia. One of the most important events in the world. Of sports on a global level something that. Attracts hundreds of media. And countless brands including apple joining with siri. We are kicking off the 2018 fifa world cup russia. One of the most important events. In the world of sports on a global level. Something that attracts hundreds of media and countless brands. Even apple joins with siri. The personal assistant that works with. Apple’s artificial intelligence announced the incorporation .Of a series of novelties and functions that will seek to. Connect with users and the world cup. The cupertino company knows that russia 2018. Will be followed by millions of people around the planet. Just this morning the hashtag #worldcuprussia2018 accumulates. More than 156 thousand tweets and is a global trend.

Apple Announced Yesterday the Arrival

Russia denmark finland malaysia turkey saudi arabia and israel. Reaching a total of 35 countries with this function.  Buy Fresh & Updated Austria Business Fax Lists  To give us a reference, let us remember that the 2014 world cup in brazil was watched on television by 3.1 billion people according to data from euromericas sport marketing.This is seen as an area of ​​opportunity for. Apple to promote the use of siri among users and. Therefore a series of new features and functions. To follow the world cup from the iphone. Thus, users will be able to ask sir.I questions such as which teams are playing. The composition of the groups, players of the national. Teams or match results .

Of Information Related to the World Cup to Siri in Brazil

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In addition, apple will add to the app store. Apple news even in the ibooks app updates. With new special sections designed for the world cup . Without a doubt, russia 2018 is. A reason for brands to join in some way, even those that. Do not have an official license . An example of which is what facebook is doing. With special filters and an alliance with .Televisa to generate special content. Or what was done by others such as. Snapchat and twitter that signed. An alliance with fox sports to generate special content. For the world cup, even youtube has joined in generating. Some data related to the most followed teams and players on the video platform.

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