If you do this right, then you literally crack the Bolivia Email List code of converting your site visitors into potential customers or subscribers. Sorry, but no prizes for right answers. It’s creating the squeeze page on your WordPress website. A squeeze page Bolivia Email List or a lead capture page does what it says – helps you capture leads, which are prospective consumers. Let’s face it. No matter how compelling is your content or site SEO, if your site visitors don’t Bolivia Email List convert, then your efforts go in vain. Nevertheless, you can do that now after reading this post. Here, we provide important information about making lead generation easy by teaching you how to create effective squeeze pages.

Third, Set The Post Notification Emails

What is a Squeeze Page? Well, before you Bolivia Email List learn the lead capturing secrets, let’s clear some basics to get a better understanding. Have you heard of landing page? According to Wikipedia, a landing page is the squeeze page or the Bolivia Email List destination page in response to clicking on a search result or an online advertisement. Yes, a landing page is where you want people to land on your website. Then what’s a squeeze page? It’s a type Bolivia Email List of landing page specially designed to collect opt-in email address from the site visitors. It is a part of the process of generating leads, called lead generation.

Bolivia Email List

Customers Are the Lifeline Of Every Business

Difference between Landing pages and Bolivia Email List Squeeze pages The basic difference is that landing pages are primarily sales pages, whereas, squeeze pages are opt-in pages. The landing pages are designed to generate sales, whereas, Bolivia Email List the squeeze pages are planned to make the visitors submit their email addresses or generate leads. The common unique feature of the landing and squeeze pages is that both have a single-purpose Bolivia Email List nature and that is conversions! Why a Squeeze Page is Must for a Lead Generation Process It doesn’t matter if you’re just a blogger, a newbie marketer, or a bussing e-commerce store owner; you need more subscribers and customers.

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