and went ahead documenting their experience in Lebanon Phone Number List his course. Here’s the traffic he got from just a single video on the Growth Tools Facebook page:[*] Underrated documentary series testimonial For just that one video, they’ve managed to reach Lebanon Phone Number List more than 39,000 views, 381 shares, and 200 comments. That’s pretty mean stats right there! There’s just something more powerful about giving your prospects a taste of how their life can Lebanon Phone Number List change for the better if they purchased from you. Filming a documentary isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea and for some businesses, it may not even be the best type of testimonial for you to implement. However, it’s important to

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know that more business owners are shifting to Lebanon Phone Number List shooting more professional videos to market their products better. Why? Because it works. TIPS FOR DOCUMENTARY SERIES TESTIMONIALS Picking the right subject to talk about. It has to be good and unique. Your subject story is the most important part as everything else that comes after this will Lebanon Phone Number List be centered around the subject you’ve chosen. Keep your documentary visually Lebanon Phone Number List interesting. Take a good look at your ideas, subject, and the people you’re featuring to see if all of them fit well together. How to start getting more testimonials for your business You’ve just seen the types of testimonials that you can

Lebanon Phone Number List
Lebanon Phone Number List

use. Question is, how exactly do you go around Lebanon Phone Number List asking for these testimonials? How do you ensure that you get a brag-worthy endorsement? Here are some quick steps you can do to ask for and receive a testimonial that’s going to convert Lebanon Phone Number List for you: Keep your testimonials simple. Video may work the best, but does anyone really have the time to record themselves? Provide a few options for your client on how they want to provide Lebanon Phone Number List that testimonial, whether it be in video, audio, or written form. Ask questions. Your client may be happy to give you a testimonial but they’re not sure what they have to say. You can solve this by providing them a set of questions

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