lets you group them into groups, and add them to your posts with just a few clicks. To start learning how to use hashtags on Instagram, go into your Sked account and click the Hashtag Manager icon in the side menu. Then, add a label in the “New Label” field (see green circle below) and save. This screen shows how to set up hashtags on Instagram To store hashtags as a group (so you can add up to 30 hashtags to your post at a time), enter the name you want to call the group and click Add. Next, hit the New” button (green arrow below) and start typing the hashtags you want to add. Once it pops up in the box below, click it to add it to your group.

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Sked Social Then, when you want to add them to your post, just click the hashtag icon and select the hashtag (or hashtag group) you Since the Thailand Phone Number usual filter options such as text, graphics and stickers are still intact, these can be used creatively when publishing stories. Instagram has always been the social media of choice where users can share moments they want to remember.


With the launch of the Instagram Stories feature, you can now share important highlights about your business with your followers. From the Instagram home screen, just swipe right to easily access the Instagram Stories camera. The camera screen includes several options: live, boomerang, normal, rewind, and hands-free recording. While live and Boomerang have always been there, the other three media options are relatively new. Instagram Business Stories – Sked Social Is it worth using Instagram Stories?

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